Forget Ducks, Let’s Talk Planetary Alignment!

Erin Schaden
3 min readDec 6, 2023

My ducks have never been in a row. In fact, I don’t know where those fuckers are most of the time. And when I say that, I mean that literally — I have had ducks in the past and they have pretty much done what they want, when they want. And are incredibly messy.

So if it is hard to get the actual and proverbial ducks in a row, can you imagine how much creativity and effort the universe must put forth to get planets in alignment?

I saw the enclosed picture the other day posted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. The photo shows the perfect alignment of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Apparently (because I just looked it up) this happens about every 18 years. Well, actually Mercury is also included with that. So about every 18 years five planets align. And every 20 or so years, the other four line up.

To me, when I saw this, I thought it pretty spectacular. I mean to have four planets line up like this, and be visible from earth, seems pretty interesting and important for reasons I can’t really explain.

I guess I find it so hard to get my life is any kind of order or balance. And that is just my little part of the world. I struggle on the daily to get enough sleep to function, to consume food that is good for me (or at least not super bad for me), work out, take the dog on a walk, meditate, do some yoga, write, work, parent and show up for my relationships. This seems like hard work, every single day. Like all the time.

When I actually do all of the above in one 24 hour period, I feel pretty fucking on it. I mean, I do almost break my own arm, patting myself on the back.

So when I see the universe show off and do this whole four planet (my mind was kind of blown away that we could see five in alignment too) alignment thing, I am impressed, a lot.

I think of all the complicated mechanisms operating. All the laws of the physics and chemistry and all that kind of shit that I know almost nothing about…I mean I know enough to get me into a lot of trouble. Don’t even get me started with how many times chemistry all by itself has fucked up my life!

When I think of how much order there really is in this universe, I am amazed. I am in awe. And it is pretty fucking cool that the universe can pull off a feat like this. Some days I have a hard time wearing pants, or clothes that are appropriate for any other venue than the gym, or Zoom. If people could see what I am wearing below the desk…shit would not be good.

I am a fan of alignment: for myself, for my life, for the universe, for ducks, for cats, for my children, for pretty much everything. I realize that I do better, and by better I mean that I am kinder, more compassionate, loving and present, when I am in alignment with spiritual principles and give myself space and time to apply them in my life.

So yeah, I am pretty impressed with the Universe doing all the shit it is doing can still get some planets to line the fuck up and show us that no matter how complicated life is, there is always time for alignment…sometimes we just have to wait 18 to 40 years.



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